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Blockchain Moon Registry, DIANA

Why the Moon?

1.The Moon is not subject to possession. The United Nations’ Outer Space Treaty ;

“Outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means.”

2. The Moon is a common heritage of mankind.

3. The Moon is not owned by the UN, the USA, or any developed country, it’s for all of us.

That includes you and me.

How to own the Moon

Through the blockchain-based Moon registry, citizens can register the Moon land that they want fairly. By recording it in the blockchain, it establishes the main grounds for future Register Acquisition Prescription.

Two rights obtained by registering

  1. Moon Land Ownership Expectant Right
  2. DIA Token Ownership

Why Should You Invest?

1.Popular Project
    1. Continued increase of registration participants after launch
    2. DappRadar rank: Maintaining a Top 10 position in the Ethereum Collectable category
      • Dec 09 2019 rankTOP3

2.Positive reviews from the media

DIANA completed initial development and opened service on July 20, 2019 and has been issued in more than 350 media outlets worldwide.

Major media
3.Price increase policy via smart contract

Utilizes a smart contract in which the registration fee increases along with the volume of registration increases.
The registration fee for one cell is now $1.

[Below] Registration Table

[Below] Daily Registration Participants(Etherscan)

4.Listing plan

Listing when the registration fee is in the $4~8 range(400~800% profit)

Reasons why the Moon registry project is special

Existing Moon sales projects inevitably caused controversy over their legitimacy.

This is because they claimed and sold it as ‘mine’ even though the Moon is the common heritage of all mankind. It did not meet a trading condition, and there was no third party guarantee, thereby there is no validity in those transactions.

DIANA does not claim that we own the Moon and we are not selling the Moon.

It is a project wherein we register and own the Moon together, which is ours. DIANA realizes this through a blockchain Moon registry service. The registration will be recorded on the blockchain, which is clear proof and cannot be forged. In addition, this transaction will be recognized, accepted, and validated by multiple participants and nodes. DIA tokens will be issued for registrants as proof of registration.

DIANA is a whole new innovative movement that ensures human consensus and digital evidence regarding the registration of space assets. This will prove that the citizens of the world are the owners of the Moon, which is a common asset of humanity and here for all of us. It will enhance the possibility of future ownership of space assets by guaranteeing each other’s future rights. This is why DIANA created positive public response and social consensus with justification.

What does blockchain record (distributed ledger) mean?

Blockchain has brought a trust revolution to mankind.

The prerequisite for ensuring that specific actions that occur between people who do not know each other is that “specific actions should be shared and agreed upon transparently amongst all participants in real time”.

This creates a trust network between the participants and that network will act as the assurance agency.

Bitcoin has revolutionized payments and became digital gold by sharing a specific act of ‘transaction’. DIANA shares a specific act of ‘registration’ on the blockchain to enable co-ownership of the Moon, innovating space property rights.

Blockchain Moon Registry, DIANA Information

Token Features
  • Token Name  : DIA
  • Token Format : Ethereum ERC-20x
  • Total Publication : 3,874,204,892 
  • Token type : DIA : Registration token 
  • Token decimal places : DIA : 0


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