Vendor Upload Guide

Viral Present is the  Multi vendor site for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary services, from the IT Products to basic needs requested by client through our Token solution.

Step 1 : Click sell on viral from

Step 2 : Click Seller Register in Vendor Page.

Step 3 : Click Register by giving all details.

Once vendor is registered,Dashboard will be shown but all functions hidden until admin approve the account.

Step 4 : Enter Login details

Step 5 : Once Login Success, Viral Present welcome message will be seen,click Lets Go.

Step 6 : Enter your shop details in store set up continue.

Step 6 : Enter your payment options for receiving payment, click continue.

Step 7 : Now all set up then click create Product.

Step 8 : Select a category from the list,which want to upload product.
For eg : Select IT Products.

Step 8 : Select a sub category from the IT Product,which want to upload product.
For eg : Select Blockchain Hosting.

Step 9 : Fill all details for product.

Note : Once filled all details,then click submit.

(After submit,product uploaded will be for admin review.once admin approved product will be live on site)

Step 10  :To check the order list, click orders from the vendor dashboard.

Step 11 : To check commissions, click view from order and can check commission details for orders of the product.

Step 12  : To check sales of the shop,Click stats\Reports.

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